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Characteristics of Fairy tales

A genre is a method or type of writing literary texts and it can particularly categories used to group different types of literary work, such as non-fiction, fiction and poetry or even fairy tales. Consequently, the traditional fairy tales do have specific characteristics to be compared with other literature genres and these distinct elements can be simply identified by the readers. To be sure, it is fantasy and the stories will always starting with “once upon a time” and “in a land far away”, therefore, people can simply assuming that the setting of fairy tales is undefined by the story teller perhaps to bring the magical and the myth contexts upon reader’s perspective of the stories. Generally speaking, fairy tales can be considered as inspirational literature text where imaginations will be real and conquering the whole stories. Thus, readers cannot argue the mystique events which are not real in a reality taking place the plot of the stories. On the words, fairy tales are bringing other worldliness or the ability to inspire wonder and give a sense of the surreal.

The origins of fairy tales embarked with the traditional elements as it is inherited orally by ancestors. Basically, fairy tales will include myth or legendary stories from folks’ tale and it is descending through generations as part of communal bonding process. However, to describe the originalities and the basic elements of fairy tales is not as easy as thought since particularly, fairy tales are commonly evolved and been told differently to suit with different cultures and societies where the moral values can be shared and absorbed by the listener. As for example, Cinderella story has merely common famous Malay’s fairy tales which is “Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih”.

The story of world’s famous fairy tale Cinderella begins when a beautiful girl being alone after her adorable mother died. As her father concerned about Cinderella who supposedly grows with a mother’s love and attentions, thus, he was marrying another women to be Cinderella step mother. The conflicts arise when her step mother refusing to treats Cinderella accordingly due to hidden agenda. Cinderella has been abused and growing as a maid in her own house. Then, the raising actions of the story takes place when a fairy god mother used magic upon Cinderella to attend royal ball’s dancing ceremony which consequently leads to the climax of the story where the prince falling in love with Cinderella. The falling events is when her step mother tries to stop Cinderella trying the glass shoes but she manages to wear it and it sparks the resolution of the story, Cinderella live happily ever after with her prince.

Cinderella’s story perhaps is the most brilliant examples to describe the characteristics of traditional fairy tales. Basically, the most significant characteristics to portray the elements of fairy stories are the characters of the story itself. As to be aware, traditional fairy tales will always telling about evil versus good characters. Therefore, in this literary context, Cinderella is a good character who is conflicting with her own evil step mother. Besides, she has to survive and basically the good characters will always been abused and going through hardness in life at the first part of the story but yet the good characters will find cherish and happiness at the end of the story. Furthermore, traditional fairy tales have very significant elements to describe the characters. Basically, the main character is an antagonist and will be described accordingly as for example Cinderella is extremely beautiful and do has high manners toward the others even to the talking animals. In contrast, the protagonist will always been told as ugly, lousy and did not occupied expected manners. Furthermore, the hero or the prince is been stereotyped as handsome, strong and adorable man which somehow may sparks readers’ attention to gain sympathy upon Cinderella and hating her step mother and making the story more interesting.

Furthermore, the events in the traditional fairy tales will basically include magical elements to help the good characters escaped from evilness. As for example, fairy god mother is helping Cinderella to attend the ball dancing ceremony. Therefore, readers will be understood that magical elements are the only options to help the main character enjoying a piece of happiness. Hence, it may leave a smile to the readers due to empathy reasons on Cinderella. However, to make the story more appealing other aspects of magic in the story are the best ways to raise readers’ interest upon the story. As for example, when Cinderella has to leave the ceremony strictly at 12.00 am as mutual agreements between her and the fairy and also when magic is been used to tease her step mother is someway will boost readers feeling to share the sadness of leaving her prince charming and laughter with the main character. Therefore, traditional fairy tales is fascinating since the story will bond within readers and also the characters in the story itself as indirect interactions in a way of sharing the same emotions.

Most fairy tales will share common figures of story presentation. Additionally, a beautiful women will always been used as a main figure to move the story. Thus, well known and famous fairy tales such as Rapunzel, Cinderella, beauty and the beast, snow white, the frog and the princess, sleeping beauty and little red riding hood are the best the example to support the argumentation. Thus, it can be said that traditional fairy tales will place a women as the significant literature elements. In contrast, it may possibly due to the reasons of the attractiveness factors of women to be described in any literary texts. Furthermore, women are always associated with gorgeous, elegant, stunning, charismatic and therefore these aspects mixed as the boldest reason to draw reader’s attention.

In contrast, traditional fairy tales will also explaining about conflicts and problems upon love issues. Particularly, most fairy tales are using love as thematic and the main characters will somehow have going through various obstacle to be with her prince charming. Therefore, it will again used as sparking events which consequently leads to the climax of the story where basically will make the story more exciting. For instance, Cinderella disallowed to attend the dancing ceremony since her step mother refused her request. However, in any traditional fairy tales, the obstacles are not solid barriers to stop the main character to meet and fall in love with her adorable and handsome love partner.

In the other aspects, traditional fairy tales setting is commonly taking place during the era of kingdoms and where modern elements are untouchable. Besides, the stories will describe about the societies who live in different hierarchical status. Thus, to be in the highest status or to be along with royal families are always been describe as the most attractive and a symbol of success in life in that particular age. Due of that reasons, people will do anything or everything to be in castle until it will raise the issue of greedy among characters in the story. As for instance, Cinderella step sisters did not allowing her to try the glass shoes. Nevertheless, in most fairy tales the main characters will be free from darkness and found the true love along with her dream guy and live happily ever after.

More to the point that traditional fairy tales sharing common characteristics and elements are the moral values itself. Moral values are important to ensure the literary texts are likely more meaningful and giving some impacts to the readers. Traditional fairy tales are containing significant moral values to be shared with and to be applied on daily life as generous human. Thus, because of these literature contexts are mostly for children, hence, it may be able to be used as a medium of producing quality generations. However, parental guidance is important as to relate fairy stories with real life. Therefore, children will be more eager to understand the stories and shaping their manners accordingly. Additionally, traditional fairy tales are full with the elements of love, friendship within people and animals and spirit of helpfulness to be figured out.

In conclusion, traditional fairy tales are applying merely same characteristics and elements to make up the story but yet still containing meaningful messages for readers to be analyzed and criticized.

lyric poem-Because i could stop for death by Emily Dickinson

Because I Could Not Stop For Death & One last Breath

Lyric poem was evolved as early ancient of Greece where a poem usually accompanied by a musical instrument. Cohen (1963) refers a lyric poem as “the songlike quality in poetry, it is more generally used to refer to any short poem that expresses a personal emotion, be it a sonnet, ode, song, or elegy. In early Greek, poem lyric was commonly used as choral song and rapidly evolve as Christian hymns and in folk songs.
Therefore, I had chosen a fantastic poem wrote by Emily Dickinson which is “Because I could not stop for Death”. I am particularly amazed with the theme of this poem which is about the solemn realities of life and death. Apart of that, Dickinson brilliantly encourages the reader to enjoy the time they have because death, though offering tranquility and peace, will flies by without regard to any moment.

Emily Dickinson wrote in the opening stanza and stated that she could not stop for death but in other way “Death” could stop her and taking her life gently. The persona illustrates the “Death” as a gentleman who slowly picked her life into a carriage and to move into her final destination. However, they passed several mesmerizing moments with the carriage and navigate its way through several times.

The persona uses literary devices to elaborate part of different aspects upon the deceased’s life as for example in the third stanza, where the phases of life were described. “..the fields of gazing grain..” (line seven) is a metaphor which symbolize youth of the death. Besides that, imagery elements are also taking place in this meaningful poem, for instance, the school where children played…" (Lines eight and nine) where the audience will get some picture about her previous life.
Sadly, they passed the setting sun or the dying days and also the old age of the deceased’s life and it was nicely revealed using literary devices which is, again a metaphor. The reader can also aware and been noticed with the claim that during the process of the soul leaving the body, one sees one’s “life pass before one’s eyes.”

At the end of the poem, the persona concludes and tells about the carriage which is stops in front of a grave where the dirt was clearly described and delicately dug out in a pile next to the hole. Perhaps, the dirt here holds the image of a cornice, or roof, while the hole in the earth was its new comfort home where she will stay eternity and where she finally realized that she was dead for many years.

In contrast, in a song titled “one last breath” by a very popular band “Creed”, the journey to the eternity and Death is differently defined in several aspect and elements. Generally, the song is about someone who hardly and refused upon death at first but slowly trying to accept the existence of eternity. I do believe the song is related to god and obviously Jesus for Christians. The first stanza is clearly stated that the persona is might dying since the word “Please come now I think I’m falling”. Basically, the persona is may call upon help from Jesus after he seems found the road to nowhere or in other word the path to stay in his new “home” and he could escape from it. Furthermore, in line 6, stanza 1 ; the persona said “I yelled back when I heard thunder” perhaps giving some ideas that he is refusing to accept the request from god to pass away.

However, the persona is finally agreed to continue his new journey toward eternity. Line 6 stanza 1 “But I'm down to one last breath” but the persona he request about something, line 9 stanza 2, “hold me now” Therefore, it is perhaps because of the persona wanted to be held, as a child scared and wanting to be held by his mother since it may because he is worried of going through the new “journey”. Additionally, this is also spoken as a prayer to God since the persona in his last breath. As further explanations, in line 10 stanza 2 “I'm six feet from the edge” the persona tries to convey that he is at the point on his life where he sees only one way out which is clearly death and “That maybe six feet” possibly will symbolize of grave since a grave is six feet under.

After the acceptance of death, the persona is trying to recall upon his previous mistakes and he is asking grace from God to blessing him with apologize. Line 14 stanza 2 “Reflecting on all of my mistakes” and “I “thought I found the road to somewhere, Line 15 stanza 2 “Somewhere in His grace” Line 16 stanza 2. Therefore, the persona does not have any things to ask for in his new eternity journey except for heaven to give him chance and open its door for him as he is badly asking for heaven until he cried to God for that. Line 18 stanza 3, “I cried out heaven save me”.
In line 25 stanza 5 “Sad eyes follow me" may give several images that the persona get the apathy from mankind and he do believe that it will be some valuable things left for him upon this new life. Therefore, God will spread his love, line 27 stanza 5 “So please come stay with me” and give him some purpose and strength to guide the persona accomplishing the journey toward eternity. Line 26 stanza 5 “But I still believe there's something left for me”. In this stage, the persona knows that he needs help from God to fulfill his new destinations with calm and peace and hoping God will bless him with heaven.

From that, “Because I could stop for death” poem by Emily Dickinson and a song lyric from the band called “Creed” did have several differences in term of acceptance toward death. The persona in Emily’s poem somehow more rational upon death and take it as natural events happened toward any human and living things maybe because of the persona had past and going through life in natural settings. She had past her school days, her youth as well as her old age and because of that reasons she might be pleasure to proceed into another journey and destinations. In contrast, the persona in song “one last breath” can be someone which is suddenly had going through death perhaps due to accidents or other dramatic events. Consequently, he refused to accept the invitations upon eternity journey.
In conclusion, death could be something pleasure to be accepted if it comes in natural ways, however, death is a reality and everybody should be prepared for it no matters who you are living in this temporary life.

“One Last Breath” – Creed
Album: Weathered, Released : 2001
Please come now I think I'm falling
I'm holding to all I think is safe
It seems I found the road to nowhere
And I'm trying to escape
I yelled back when I heard thunder
But I'm down to one last breath
And with it let me say

Let me say

Hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking
That maybe six feet
Ain't so far down
I'm looking down now that it's over
Reflecting on all of my mistakes
I thought I found the road to somewhere
Somewhere in His grace

I cried out heaven save me
But I'm down to one last breath
And with it let me say
Let me say

Hold me now

I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking
That maybe six feet
Ain't so far down
Sad eyes follow me
But I still believe there's something left for me
So please come stay with me
'Cause I still believe there's something left for you and me

For you and me
For you and me
Hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking

See J. M. Cohen, The Baroque Lyric (1963); C. D. Lewis, The Lyric Impulse (1965); J. Erskine, The Elizabethan Lyric (1967); P. Dronke, The Medieval Lyric (1968).

oval potrait by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Massachusetts. His contributions on literary works have made him famous as American poet, writer as well as an editor. Basically, he was lived during the era of “romantic movement” and best known for his of mystery and macabre. However, he also developed his creativity by producing detective fiction and science fiction books. Mr. Edgar had going through hard moments in his life when his parents died at his early age and taken into adoption by John and Frances Allan. Furthermore, Edgar Allan Poe had chosen to attempt military career after spent short period of time in University of Virginia. Sadly, he was “taken” away at the age of 40 without any justified reasons but has been attributed to brain congestion, cholera and drug abused.

“Oval Portrait” is among his best masterpiece. As read the story I was stunned and amazed as he able to capture reader’s attention by blended the elements of literature into his writing. Besides, the classical and language used are most captivated and boost myself to write something meaningful and giving impact to my readers. Thus, it sparked the ideas to give reader respond and expressing my own feelings about the story based on my sympathetic and point of view and writing it as my own version. Therefore, I could give my best comments to appreciate his amazing story and at the same time able to persuade my arguments by presenting my critical appreciation on the story. There are several points that I will highlight about the story which are the synopsis, narrator, point of view, setting, plot, literary device and lastly the tone of the story.

The story begins when a traveler who puts a night in a chateau and accidentally found a portrait of a young woman. The portrait discovery has leads to the significance of the story as it sparked traveler’s enthusiastic to find the background “story” behind the painting itself. Thus, he finally found out through the writings on the paintings that the writer is too busy with his work of art until he unnoticed his wife’s need for love and attention.

As I read the story, I do understand that the narrator of this story would be the man or the traveler himself. These are due to several reasons and the most significant point to justify my argument is that he is the one who discover the history behind the paintings and clearly describes the story to readers so that they will get the glimpse of an appealing ambiance regarding the situation he had going through. Besides, the narrator feels that each painting had its own story and needed to be discovered. Thus, after he knows the sad story behind of the portrait, he does feel sympathy towards the young lady in the paintings and assuming that it is unjust for the artists to overlook his beloved’s needs and attention while too preoccupied with the paintings. Therefore, I would definitely agree with the narrator justifications because it is unfair for us to commemorate individual’s passions but ignored the needs of our loved ones.

Additionally, there are three main characters in the short story, which are the traveler (narrator), the lady in the portrait and of course the painter. The traveler is the one who explains the whole story, the woman in the paintings is the one that the painter is trying to immortalized, and the painter is the one that had been so preoccupied with his paintings until he did not realize that his wife is suffering. Generally speaking, the characters in this story did not develop much since the story settings only take place in the room which the narrator had been staying and when he found and revealed past stories of a portrait. In contrast, there are only several descriptions and explanations on the other two characters.

To be clear, settings are part of the literary devices and in “oval portrait”, the story takes place into two types of settings which are place and time settings. Firstly, place setting where it happens in the beginning of the story. The story started in a chateau that the narrator spends a night in. The overall story revolves in the room which he spent his night with. Then, the setting changes to the turret chamber (small tower) where the young lady who to be the woman in the portrait spends her lifetime there. Furthermore, the story consists of two different time setting. Present time settings happened where the traveler stays in the chateau whereas another time setting is when he discovers the past, which became a history. Consequently, the setting of the story is relevant because it did not confusing readers to understand the timeline given by the narrator.

The story begins when a man (traveler) who stayed a night in a chateau enthusiastically exploring the new place by looking at its surroundings. He somehow attracted with the new place and describes it in his own words. “From the least sumptuously furnished apartments to a rich, yet tattered and antique decorations”. Based on his comments about the place he might very particular person and artistic. As he lay on his bed, his eyes accidently caught one of the pictures by one of the bed post. He was stunned by the beauty of the woman pictured in the portrait and tried to figure out about the story behind the portrait. He finally found the history of the paintings saying that the painter tries to immortalize his beloved into paintings until she died without satisfying her needs. The story stops there and perhaps the man when to sleep upon knowing the whole truth about the portrait.

Edgar Allan Poe creates the story without a climate or any adrenaline pump situation. Only by the end of the story, the woman died and it stops there. The plot is well developed but it needs a little bit of a climate to set things up, to make the story more interesting. It confirms to the traditional short story structure because it has all the literature elements. This story is considered to be a tight plot because of only a few events occurred.

Characterization, theme, symbols, plot, setting, tone and synopsis are the elements or literary devices can be found in the story which may help readers to increase their understanding about the story.

The tone of the story is the most sensible part for the readers to assume about the story. Basically, the tone in the story is flat as the writer did not put any climate in his short story. However, at the end of the story the writer tries to emphasize about death and lack of love which create awareness for the readers to feel sympathy upon the lady. The beauty about this short story is when the writer use classical elements where women are always associated with beauty and loyalty. Consequently, the writer wanted to portray how men always put careers as the main agenda until they are tend to overlook their loved one’s need. Besides, the writer portrays sadness and the loyalty of women who always supporting their husband even though they have to sacrifice their own life.

To conclude my reader response, I would like to express my respect to the writer who able to show about the reality of life where men always take for granted their partner. Basically women always been discriminated by men although from their own husband. The strength of the story is when Allan Edgar use classical elements in his works which shows how interesting a story would be with suitable words. However, the story is slightly slacked as Allan Edgar Poe made the story with a tight plot might not create enough interest on readers to read the story, but the story is that it is reliable and make senses to be applied in the present time. As I finish doing my critical appreciation towards the short story, I finally realized that in a single story, literature devices would help reader to response better and have stronger understanding and arguments towards the story itself.

Trifles by Susan Glaspel - an overview

Explain the use of settings, symbolism and irony in “Trifles” to highlight the theme of the play.

Born in Davenport, Iowa, on July 1, 1876, Susan Keating Glaspell is an active writer during her years. She holds a Ph. B. in philosophy from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Her first position as a full-time reporter has enabled her to involve with significance report on the murder trial of John Hossack in 1900. Thus, she wrote several precious literary works based on the story which is "A Jury of Her Peers,” and the one-act-play Trifles. Furthermore, her fiction which is "For the Love of the Hills" won a prize from Black Cat Magazine which sparked more success on her writing. She married to George Cram Cook, a classics professor, novelist and poet, and an itinerant farmer. However, cook’s bad behavior likes having affairs with numbers of women and alcoholic has sometimes inspired Glaspell to write as a path to reduce her unhappiness and tensions. Besides that, Glaspell tendencies to write about feminism might comes with several factors, she was living with a supportive community which fight over gender equality, feminist, socialist and also her active involvement in heterodoxy, a radical group of women activist who were the well-known feminist movement in new York. Her highest chievement is when she was awarded the Pulitzer award for her play “Alison’s house”. Sadly, her hardest period after struggled with alcohol and poor health conditions has leads to her less productivity on literary works. Surprisingly, she is able to control of her bad deeds and rejoined her family after she came back to provincetown and finished her federal theater project until she died in 1948.

Susan Glaspell wrote a play titled “trifles” in 1916. Basically, the story is about a mysterious and violent murder of John Wright who was been killed while he slept by her own wife, Winnie. The play starts when Mr. Hale, a neighboring farmer and Mrs. Hale, a local sheriff, Mr. Peters and his wife together with the investigator which is Mr. Henderson entering into Wright’s farm house. They are discussing about a violent murder of Mr. Wright by listening Mr. Hale’s explanation who arrived at Mr. fundamentally, the main point of the story is not focusing on John’s murder but mostly emphasize house a day before the murder because he needs to install a telephone for Mr. Wright. At first, Mr. Hale illustrates how he saw Mrs. Wright rocking in her chair and told to Hale that Mr. Wright was dead with a rope slipped around his head and he found his body upstairs of the house. Hence, the men go upstairs to examine the scene and the women continue to go through things and discuss about Mrs. Wright. However, they did not find any evidences. Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale pick several things while in the kitchen for Mrs. Wright and they are quite surprised with the abandoned and gloomy kitchen, under the sink, a loaf of bread outside the bread-box, a dirty dish-towel on the table, and a sticky shelf due to a breaking of preserved fruit, because Mrs. Wright is a good housewife. Apparently, she is very cheerful and able to socialize with others. Then Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale find quilting that Mrs. Wright was working on with a log cabin pattern under part of the small table and also a bird cage upon try to find sewing supplies to take back to Mrs. Wright. They find small and fancy box, and surprisingly they found dead bird, with its neck wrung. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peter made a decision to hide the box with the bird from the men to save Mrs. Wright from being sentenced to jail. Therefore, readers would be clear and understand that Mr. Wright had been insulting, and his killing of the bird had made Mrs. Wright very depressed until she killed her own husband.

The essay consists of several important elements of literary devices which are the setting, symbolism as well as the irony. To be clear, the elements of literary devices enable readers to understand the scope and what writers try to convey about. Furthermore, it will help to increase interest among readers about their writing and projecting ideas to produce better literary texts. Initially, setting in literature will cover several elements which are time, location and even any events in which it takes place. Besides, the setting will give clear justifications about props and main background of the story. However, setting can be a character itself and in some cases, setting will be the tone of a story. Susan Glaspell wrote Trifles in 1916, where a time when women were beginning to confront their socially defined roles.

Basically, within that time women were aware and realizing that their identities as ordinary wives will only keep them in a minor position in society as well as a second class gender. Besides that, women are been more eager to ask for their freedom and asking to reexamine discriminations especially marriage which under traditional institutions where husbands are likely tend to act as superior. The society outlook of the time assumed women as lesser than a man. As an example, “Three men, Sheriff Peters, the court attorney Mr.Henderson, and the neighbor Mr. Hale, enter the house. Behind the men are two women. One is Mrs. Hale, the neighbors wife and Mrs. Peter’s, the Sheriff’s wife Both women stand by the door while the men go over to the stove to warm themselves up”. The term “women are behind the men” somehow shows to readers that women are inferior to the men and are supposed to follow behind their husbands.

Later, the significance of telephone in the play is more to portray of isolation. John Wright isolated his wife from other people who could have offered support by cutting off means of communication, as in the play is the telephone. In addition, in “triffles” there are several physical setting to emphasize on which is the kitchen. The story only takes place in the kitchen which is the prototypical women’s room and where roles have set out for women to clean up households. When the women realize that the kitchen is messy thus, it might be something wrong with Minnie Wright as they are aware that a messy kitchen might reflect her personality because she is sad all of the time and do not want to or have the desire to clean the house. She is somewhat a "mess" just like the house. In contrast, weather setting in the play may represent symbolic meanings behind it. Therefore, the cold winter might shows how is Minnie Wright felt after her marriage. Broadly speaking, she is perhaps are not happy with her marriage and undergo gloomy days as her abandoned kitchen and gloomy weather can illustrate sadness and loneliness. Mr. Wright’s action cannot be justified and accepted anymore by Minnie Wright until he had been killed and did not realize foreshadowing of his death.

Moreover, symbolism that consists in the story can be useful for readers to be more analytical and critical to figure out the hidden agendas or motif about particular things especially the backdrop usage. The bird in the story may symbolize Minnie Wright itself. She has been trapped inside her own house which merely represents the cage. Furthermore, the kitchen might stand for a specific place for women and lastly the apron symbolize loyalty of women toward their jobs. As for example, when Minnie Wright still wearing an apron when she was detained in a jail which shows an ordinary Minnie Wright as a women and a wife.

Besides that, irony in literary text is a language device to emphasize the multilayered, contradictory nature of modern experience. Basically, irony can be divided into several categories which are verbal irony and dramatic irony. Verbal irony is either in spoken or written form in which the real meaning is concealed or contradicted by the literal meaning of the words. In contrast, dramatic irony take place when the audience knows something that the characters do not in the story For instance, even though women in trifles can be classified as lesser importance in the community and investigation, however, they are able to understand why Minnie Wright killed her husband because of they are more particular about tiny things which men seen as unimportant.

In conclusion, “trifles” is a very interesting play since readers are able to understand what is the story is all about and understands clear themes of the play as well as excellent blended literary devices usage by the writer which are irony, settings and symbolism.

Moral values-phantom of the opera

Moral values are important in any literary texts as it will somehow bring some positive elements in literary works. In the novel “phantom of the opera” Gaston Leroux emphasizes on the factors of loyalty, love, sacrificing and friendship. Sacrificing is the most significance values can be seen in the novel when the main character, Christine Daae is willing to sacrifice his life for her Raoul upon seeing him being tortured by The Phantom in his torture chamber. She is willing to marry Erik (The Phantom) only if he releases Raoul and The Persian. From the story itself, the writer tries to convey that love can make people sacrifice for each other, even if they have to suffer.

The other moral values that can be found is that we as human being should not alienate people based on physical appearance. For example, the character Madam Giry refuses to mistreat Erik the same way as other people does. She accepts the presence of The Phantom in the opera and becoming a very good friend to Erik. She realizes that Erik is just a human being who deserved loves and life partner and she is not excluded Erik like others did.

Besides, based on the story the readers might get some clear justification on how to treat person that we love. Erik somehow failed to behave as rational person by kidnapping Christine just because of his envious toward Christine’s relationship with Raoul. Hence, people especially readers should understand that love could not been forced since love should comes naturally like how Christine loving Raoul.

In contrast, phantom of the opera also raised issues which regard with moral values for instance loyalty toward person. In the novel, Moncharmin and Richard, the managers of the opera house show excellent examples toward their commitment on career. They are working harder to ensure the opera performance going smoothly and ignoring Erik’s warning letter.